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IMPORTANT INFORMATION on how the instrumental ensemble sections will be run this year.

  1. Please arrive with plenty of time to be seated prior to your session. 1st Ensemble to perform for the session will be taken back to their allotted dressing room 20 minutes prior to the commencement of the session.
  2. All ensembles will be seated upstairs in the theatre.  There will be an exception for some of the Open sections.
  3. Wait downstairs until a marshall directs you to your allotted seating.
  4. Instruments will be stored in the Supper Room or Lounge Bar until required.  These rooms may NOT be used for warm-ups or practicing.
  5. Larger instruments (double bass, cello, tuba, baritone sax etc) will be directed back to  dressing room 8.
  6. Please return your Instrumental Data Forms by the set date of 17th July.  These interactive forms are available below.
  7. Remember that Own Choice Submissions are due by 5pm on Wednesday, 19th July.  These can be made to The Empire Theatre box office, McKenzie Music Etcetera or Nunn’s Music.
  8. Ensembles are to remain seated in the auditorium until directed by a Marshall to move to the studio. Allowance of 5 – 10 minutes in the dressing room for instrument set up and tuning.
  9. Do NOT take jackets or additional bags with you to the studio:
  10. There is no place to leave them during your performance.
  11. Leave them upstairs.
  12. Please discourage students from bringing school bags.
  13. Ensembles will assemble in position in the studio during the performance of the band before them.
  14. Please note: No other areas of the theatre are to be used for warm-ups or tuning.
  15. After your performance, a Marshall will direct you back to your upstairs seating.
  16. All students in your ensembles must vacate the dressing room as soon as possible after their performance, and return to their seats in the auditorium.  Other ensembles have been allotted those dressing rooms after you.
  17. Do not stand around in the hallways backstage as this causes congestion for other ensembles trying to move to their area.
  18. Please do not take photos of your ensembles on stage.  I know it probably seems like a nice idea, but it is a direct contravention of copyright laws, and as teachers we know you would wish to set a good example to your students.
  19. Suggest to parents that they purchase their tickets in advance from The Empire Theatre box office.  This means they are ensured of a seat and don’t have to suffer long queues prior to the session.
  20. Please remember the new Performance Rights Form.  Painful, I know, but this is a new directive from AMCOS that Eisteddfods must comply with.

A reminder that this competition is run in a friendly spirit, and although it is lovely to gain a place, it is also a wonderful learning opportunity to observe the performance of other ensembles and listen to the adjudicator’s comments.


Copyright Declaration Form – Interactive

Please click on the following link for the list of instruments and equipment supplied by the Eisteddfod for the use of all ensembles:


Click the following link for the set stage plans for ALL ensembles in the Ensemble Sections of the Toowoomba Eisteddfod.

  • Ensemble directors are not permitted to alter the stage arrangements during the competition.
  • Although the plans are not perfect for all, we ask that you work within the parameters for the smooth running of the sessions.
  • We have published the plans early, so that your ensembles may be able to familiarize themselves with these configurations prior to competition.

2017 Ensemble Plans

2017 Own choice interactive form

  • Click on the above link to open the Own Choice Form and save it to your computer
  • Type the required information into the form and save it to your computer with the name of the piece.
  • If you have multiple items, save it each time with the name of the piece.
  • Print them up individually and attach to the appropriate Own Choice items.
  • Submit your own choice items to the eisteddfod committee by Wednesday 19 July.
  • Submit these forms either by hand to:
    • The Empire Theatre box office,
    • McKenzie Music Etcetera, 37 Raff Street, or
    • Nunn’s Print Music and Repairs.
    • Or by mail to  The Secretary, PO Box 60, Toowoomba, QLD 4350.
  • Do NOT send digital copies of your music, they will not be accepted.  Hard copies are required for the adjudicator to follow during your performance.



Set Poem Titles

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