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Closing Date for Part 2 Own Choice Submission:

5pm, Wednesday 14th July, 2021

Closing date for all Part 2-related Scholarship applications:
5pm, MONDAY, 26th July, 2021

To check on the Eisteddfod Rules, you can access the 2021 Schedule by clicking on 2021 Schedule in the menu bar above and then clicking on the link.  This will open as a printable PDF document which you can save to your computer if you wish.


Do you need an accompanist?

There are no official accompanists for the Toowoomba Eisteddfod.  However you may contact any of those listed below and make your own arrangements with them:

  • Anne Gralow 0414 842 644
  • Abigail Bunch 0423 386 087  or  abigail.bunch01@gmail.com

If anyone would like to have their name added to the above list as an available accompanist for the Toowoomba Eisteddfod, please contact the Committee either by email or phone.


Please note that CASH is required for all tickets purchased for the Church Theatre, the Empire Studio or the Armitage Centre, Heritage Bank Auditorium.

Only tickets purchased in the box office for the Empire Theatre Auditorium may be by  credit card.


Dates for the 2021 Toowoomba Eisteddfod are as follows:

Part 1: 7th May, 2021 – 16 May, 2021

Part 2: 28 July, 2021 – 8 August, 2021

Due to the uncertainty of the Covid 19 pandemic, there may have to be some modification in the way the Eisteddfod is run.  Please refer to the website for announcements.





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